Glassisimo Products

Glassisimo specializes in the development of ART OBJECTS through different applications of handcrafted techniques on glass, creating unique and fully custom furniture for commercial or residential use.

Examples of products with unique glass finishes

Glassisimo buffet with Hydrosphere glass doors


 Glassisimo Dresser with Etheral Night Glass


 Glassisimo Tall dresser with Lumini glass doors


 Glassisimo Sideboard Buffet with Stratum Terra glass doors


 Glassisimo Coffee tables with Littoral glass top

 Glassisimo Wall Art with Ethereal Day Glass


Product families to apply custom glass


Glassisimo Coffee Tables


 Glassisimo Side Tables


 Glassisimo Consoles and TV Stands

Glassisimo Dining and Office Tables


 Glassisimo Casegoods Bufferts Sideboards and dressers


Glassisimo Bar


Glassisimo Mirrors


Glassisimo Accessories