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Trica Furniture was founded in 1988 by the Caron brothers. Its success has been based on quality: quality products, quality service, quality relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. The company is located in St-Jerome (Quebec) Canada.

“Made in Canada” means many things to many people. At Trica Furniture it means designs perfectly adapted to North American needs and proudly manufactured by craftsmen in their factory in St-Jerome. It also means superior quality and value, shorter waits for delivery and a reduced carbon footprint through shorter shipping distances.

Working with wood, metal and glass, Trica is able to offer an almost infinite variety of dimensions, fabrics and finishes – allowing you to build the perfect piece of furniture to fit your home and your life.

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21 products
  • Soul Table
  • Grado Bench
  • Lola Bench
  • LePouf ottoman
  • Marshmallow round ottoman
  • Edge floor leaning mirror
  • Sponge Bench
  • Tubo Bench
  • Sara Plus Lounge Chair
  • Fusion Coffee Table
  • Secret Bed
  • Sara Lounge Chair